Tuesday, March 19, 2013

LARVAL REARING 3. Harvesting

Figure 31 Harvest Atrium (1)

Postlarvae are acclimated to the farmer’s pond parameters particularly salinity and temperature over a three-day period before harvest.  Postlarvae 14 to 15 are harvested from the nursery tanks by draining the entire 10 tonne tank into a 200 litre harvest bowl (Figure 31).   The ten parabolic nursery tanks and four maturation tanks have outlets interposing to the harvest atrium.  A calibrated cylinder is used for accurate counting of postlarvae with an error factor of  +/-   5% (Figure 32).  Postlarvae are packed in double layered clean blue bags 490mm x 900mm x 100 microns with oxygen, sealed with an ice packet in styrofoam boxes at 10,000 postlarvae per box. Alternatively, postlarvae are transported directly from the harvest bowls in the 1350 litre transporter tank to the farm site.
Figure 32 Postlarvae Calibrated Counting Cylinder

Figure 33 Harvest Atrium (2)

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