Saturday, January 8, 2011

marine hatchery

The Marine Hatchery is situated on a 3,398 m2 site, with a total building area of 732 m2.  Access to a quality water supply from Cabbage Tree Creek is through an adjacent filtration and pumping system.   The desirable water conditions of the creek are due to its proximity to the mouth enabling a substantial turnover with oceanic influx, and an abbreviated catchment area which limits run-off from surrounding landbased activities.  Primary water storage is a 350 tonne fibreglass settlement tank which protracts into 2 x 40 tonne sterilisation and controlled temperature tanks.  The Hatchery has a fully equipped Larval Rearing and Nursery Section with total tankage of 185 tonne, Mass Algal Culture Room of 60 tonne capacity, and Finfish Production Unit of 25 tonne capacity. Ancillary areas include a functional laboratory, live feed preparation room and pump room.  Each section has overhead reticulated air and water systems, drainage system and water heating system.  A considerable amount of plant and equipment is incorporated as fixtures within the facility. The Hatchery is a specialist production edifice for marine prawns e.g. Tiger prawns, and finfish e.g. Barramundi, with a production cycle from spawning to market of 25 days for prawns and 45 days for finfish.
This is a blog if a detailed account of the operation of a site specific marine hatchery.

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